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17 Nov 2001
True Launch Bar v. RC1 released. Fixed problem with icons and gradient filling in the skins.

16 Nov 2001
True Launch Bar v. RC1 released. Added support for native Windows XP skins, updated skin format, large icons in menus, support the icons 24x24 and 48x48 sizeses.



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True Launch Bar
In Windows 98, Me, 2000 there is one element of the interface named "Quick Launch". It is also present in Windows 95/NT4 with Internet Explorer 4.0 with shell update. But sometimes you want to place more shortcuts there, than you can see on screen. True Launch Bar will help you organize you shortcuts, by adding submenu's. Simply create needed submenu's and add your shortcuts to them. I guarantee that you will forgot about the Start button! more>>
Start Killer
This small utility removes the Start button from taskbar. more>>

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